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The basics, why this website and what do you get out of it?

What is eosacro?

Right now eosacro is a website/channel that teaches essential concepts involved in graphics and visual-effects. It is a passion project which has a much broader elements involved in the long run.

You can find videos and text material here, that will give you the basics for making visual-effects. It is by no means exhaustive. All the material is designed to be either stand-alone or complement material created by others online. 

Why was eosacro created?

For now I can summarize it as, my attempt to help those like me who want to learn these concepts, but either cant afford to or don't know where to start.

Understanding concepts is the most essential part of learning, they are the building blocks, once they are sufficiently understood, a whole new world of creative freedom opens up for our ideas. Creativity is but combining concepts in new and interesting ways.

I have observed a rampant misunderstanding of why things are done a certain way. It can be anything from a simple mathematical concept or using a graphics program. There are always basic conventions implemented to help, but are themselves usually confused for being the core, same as the concept. This not only limits the freedom of ideas and creative expansion of what already exists. Also, when I was in school/college, I found it hard to access the kind of information that I wanted, something which I believed should be simple and basic were hidden away in obscure or high-level books which I would never know to look into.

My goal is to breakdown methods back into the concepts as far as possible, in as intuitive a way as I can.

What does 'eosacro' mean?

eosacro is a combination of two greek roots.

eos - which represents dawn/sunrise, the name of Eostre the goddess of dawn (The Easter Celebrations anyone?)

acro - means anything high/top or beginning. (Acrobat - High Walker, Acronym - Beginning of each word)

So, the combination I chose, for me meant the beginning of dawn, or just beginning of something. And that just felt like something which represents the idea I had, and its stuck.

How do you pronounce 'eosacro'?

I usually break it down as eos-acro, eyos-akro.

Feel free to pronounce it anyway you choose, that is not something which I have ever thought about much.

Almost all my videos start with me saying eosacro for anyone interested.

About the content and using this website

About what is there in this website and how you can best use it.

How do I use this website?

I have kept the workings of the site bare minimum and intuitive.

You can look for the tutorials or the entire series you are looking for in the top menu and filter them according to software or topic. Most sections have a icon, hovering over this or clicking, will give you additional information about that particular section.

Where can I download the files used in the tutorials?

All the material you need to follow along with the tutorials are listed in the download section right below the videos.

Most course material on this site are freely downloadable.

There are also a few optional downloads that can be purchased for a small price. These paid materials help with the cost of running this website and creating more content.

Can I create an account on this website?

Not yet, this site is still being developed. I have only gotten it to a presentable stage and it still has a lot of basic functionality missing. Once there is any use of having a user account, they will be available.

Why do things look unfinished on this site?

This website is still being constructed. I wanted to do the construction in parallel while adding in content. So, it will be a continuous process.

Being the single person who is developing and maintaining the website, I might have missed out on a lot of things. If you have found something, however simple, please let me know about it here. It will really help me since I can prioritize what to fix based on what people encounter.

General Questions

Everything related to eosacro, outside this website.

Where can I find more of eosacro?

Eosacro is present in several social spaces, but mostly the videos are restricted to Youtube and Vimeo. The main eosacro page on FB gets the first updates and the FB group gets a few more. But, at this stage I have not been very active in any platform.

I am busy with other things and these spaces have not been the highest priority till now, so I only get active and post content when I make enough time for it.

Can I request tutorials?

You can follow this link to submit your requests, but I will be using my discretion as below to determine if I will make a tutorial out of the request.

The way I decide on a tutorial has a lot to do with what I am trying to achieve with making them. Tutorials i make should cover a lot of the basics without stagnating so much that you cannot see any results. At each step there should be something new that builds on top of what is already covered, while covering the previous topics again to make it easier to follow and remember.

Depending on the end result and the duration of the tutorial, this is easier to achieve with a certain kinds of topics than others.

Just because the end result is interesting, I would not want to skip any basics or speed through them, this will make it harder for the beginners to follow. I also don't believe in button pushing recpies, there has to be at least some basic concepts covered, and few more informational elements for those who are interested.

I have not understood your tutorial, can you help?

Sure! I am making the material to help you. Please, don't hesitate mailing me if you have any doubts. Even if it is just something you want to better understand.

But, please consider a quick google search to see if someone has already solved your doubts, most answers are usually just a few clicks away.

Also, if your doubts are related to any particular tutorial, consider asking your questions in the comment section, this might help others who might have the same doubts too.

Can I use your methods/videos/material in my project (maybe commercially)?

There is no specific restriction on how you can make use of the material I have offered for free, except that if you are distributing the tutorials, you do so in their entirety and freely. They have been made to help you understand concepts and implement them however you can.

The methods and "techniques" are too basic and sometimes essential, they are in no ways my original ideas each time.

All I ask for is to not copy/sell the material I have put for sale, since they cost very little and really help a lot with maintenance of this site. For any reason if you are unable to purchase the content, or if you know anyone who cannot, mail me at and I will do my best to supply you with the material.

Why is there huge gap between your tutorials?

I can only make these tutorials when I have free time, which depends on several factors. I am however planning to make a transition to training online full-time, with the help of paid material.

So, that might mean I can maintain a regular publishing schedule.

Do you freelance?

I do not take up freelance works online.

Most of the works I do take up are to just help my friends with their projects.

Though I do not take up any projects, feel free to mail me if you need any advice. Sometimes crucial information can cut your work in huge degrees. I cannot guarantee that I can help everyone but I will try my best to point you in the right direction.

Will you do my assignment?

No, not even if offered to get paid extra.

I have been approached by few students over time - I am not even much active online so I don't know what the rational is - offering me money to finish their assignments and sometimes pretending that its a project they want to outsource.

I am more than willing to guide and help you understand the topics you are working on. Everything I am implementing with my online training material is to help and do my part in improving this field. So, I will not be helping you cheat.

Behind the scenes

All things related to how this website is run.

How big is your team?

I am an individual making all this content.

Sometimes, I have a friend/student helping me out with camera etc,. But mostly its just me. Which is why you can see it takes me a long time to make the content.

Can I join your team?

That is not something I would recommend for several reasons. The foremost of them being this is more of a volunteer work - which means it does not pay - and involves learning very random topics almost continually.

Do you make a profit from these videos?

I have monetized videos on YouTube and there are a few paid materials with some tutorials, whatever is made from these is barely enough to maintain the costs of running this site. 

It has been a personnel project and I have learnt a lot till this stage. Yet to keep making more of these tutorials I have to make it sustainable, and on those lines there will have to be more paid material. Then I can also make it a full-time endeavour to make these materials.

Is there anyways I can help you?

For now the easiest way for anyone to help me would be to provide feedback on how to improve the content here. Do no compare it to any other material, just go crazy and tell me what you would personally find most helpful to learn from these materials.

It does cost me in terms of time and equipment/software to make content, so if you are willing to help me in that regard, consider buying paid material from here. This will go a long way to help me with the costs of keeping this content available.