Creating a Planet in Space! This video shows you how to make use of Custom channels in Nuke 3D! Usually we all just make sure of the channels feature of Nuke to help with our 2D composite but, did you know that you can use the same in your 3D scenes and render them out? They are perfect for creating passes and additional details post-render.  In this video I am assuming that you are already familiar with the Nuke 3D environment and that you are intermediately skilled. If not I have a basics video that goes deep into 3d: which should be able to help you :)  This tutorial is in 2 parts

In this first part, the topics covered include 

  • Planning the shot & checking references 
  • Simple scene setup 
  • Lighting the scene 
  • Adding custom channels as object matte (rgb etc) 
  • Custom color channels on 3D objects 
  • Using custom channels post-render. 
  • Simple pass compositing post-render 
  • Some simple compositing techniques

The resources used in the video: Starfield