A Introduction to 3D Compositing in Nuke, almost everything that you need to know to get started with 3D in Nuke is covered from simple navigation to texturing and rendering. Download files, Nuke script used in this tutorial http://cw.eosacro.com/Nuke/Intermediate/Nuke_3d/comp.nk\ Earth Textures from:


Starfield: http://freelancah.deviantart.com/art/Starfield-stock-154786926

First you will learn how to navigate in 3D space, then the structure of a 3D-scene in Nuke, how to add objects and manipulate them.

Though flat shaded objects are also useful, I will concentrate on shading, for this I will show you what it means to shade an object and why it looks "3D". Once you know the concept I will show you how to use the diffuse, specular and emission nodes in Nuke. Then as a quick case-study I will walk you though the process of creating the 'Earth Fly-by' sequence, which is a small 4 sec clip completely done in Nuke 3D. The 'Earth Fly-by' comp starts from 1:13:40.

Hope you found this useful, Thank you!